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Welcome to the Story Hill Neighborhood Website

The online home of the SHN Association!

The majority of writers from the marketing plan writing service continue to publish their projects at There you can find an article you need with the help of our tag system.

Story Hill a "Next Big Neighborhood"
Check out this April 2013 Milwaukee Magazine article proclaiming that Story Hill is one of the "next big neighborhoods" for buying a home.
Confirms what we've known all along!



Healthcare in Spain: What you need to know being a visitor or an expat in Spain

Spain is considered one of the healthiest and most favorable countries to live in due to its inherent sunny and warm climate and Mediterranean health cuisine as well as due to its effective healthcare system. 


Silver blackening: sophistication and durability

Blackening is one of the oldest methods of decorating various silver and gold objects by painting them black. The result of using this technique is the contrast of colors on the surface of objects, and it does not matter if it is an ornament pattern or a relief detail. 

Tuluminati Hats: Bohemian Way to Stand Out

There are hats you wear for comfort. There are hats you wear for the sake of aesthetics. And there are hats that combine both aesthetic value and practicality. The uniqueness of Tuluminati hats lies in a subtle balance between an artful image and comfort. 

The Enchanting Power of Amber: A Gem that Unveils Love and Happiness

More than mere adornment, amber, the fossil resin of ancient trees, carries mystical properties that transcend its aesthetic allure. 

SHNA Sheepshead Group

Do you play Sheepshead?  Would you like to be part of a neighbor group that plays regularly?  We are gathering names, email addresses and phone numbers of those that would like to be part of games going on in the 'hood.  Please contact Timothy Tym at or for more details.

Join or Renew Your SHNA Membership for 2015

Story Hill neighbors are invited to renew their membership in or join the Story Hill Neighborhood Association in 2015.  Dues for 2015 have stayed at last year's reasonable rates: $15 for a family; $10 for an individual; and $5 for an individual with a fixed income.
(Posted 09/2011)

Milwaukee's Home Run Of Trails Article

Story Hill's very own Mike Brady is featured in this "Rails to Trails" article.